CEIV Credential Timeline

Key dates in the creation of the CEIV Credential

December 2011: SEC comments on the valuation profession, including reference to qualifications.

April 2012: Round Table hosted by The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) – For years, regulators, auditors, standard-setters and valuation practitioners have expressed a need for greater commonality among financial reporting valuation standards, practices, education, qualifications and oversight.  The Appraisal Foundation hosted a round table that addressed these topics directly.

December 2013: Professional bodies and global accountancy firms convene in New York to discuss the issues raised by the SEC and to consider measures for developing a unified professional credential.

December 2013: Additional SEC comments issued on the valuation profession indicating progress but stressing further work to be done.

May 2014: Valuation Professional Organizations (VPOs), AICPA, ASA and RICS launch a collaborative effort to develop the joint CEIV Credential; agree approach to issues including governance, performance framework and quality control.

October 2014: VPOs issues a whitepaper setting out the vision, solution, problem and process of the project.

March 2015: VPOs, along with The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) and global valuation leaders from several large accounting firms, hold positive talks with key market stakeholders. Together, they discussed how these organizations are addressing concerns regarding professionalism in valuation. They also presented plans related to governance, education, performance guidelines and quality control for the new professional credential.

October 2015: VPOs present update on CEIV Credential initiative at the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) Annual General Meeting in Paris.

October 2015: ASA presents update on CEIV Credential initiative at the 2015 ASA Advanced Business Valuation Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

October 2015: Fair Value Quality Initiative primary topic of discussion at the Appraisal Foundation’s third Business Valuation Roundtable in Washington, DC.

November 2015: AICPA presents update on CEIV Credential initiative at the annual AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference.

April 2016: RICS Summit of the Americas in Washington, DC includes a session with Paul Beswick, former US SEC Chief Accountant to promote the initiative.

May 2016: VPOs publish a Mandatory Performance Framework (MPF), setting out the proposed details of the credential, including eligibility and assessment criteria, for 90 day public consultation.

June 2016: ASA presents update on CEIV Credential initiative at the ASA/USC 11th  Annual Fair Value Conference—San Francisco in San Francisco, CA.

June/July 2016: VPOs request comments from the key market stakeholders on the Mandatory Performance Framework.

September 2016: ASA presents update on CEIV Credential initiative at the 2016 ASA Advanced Business Valuation Conference in Boca Raton, FL.

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